About Oh My Word!

Has this thought ever crossed your mind while reading a book or trawling the internet?

What a wonderful word – I should use that more often.

It happens to us a lot, which is why we built Oh My Word!. We’ve been logging beautiful English words to our dictionaries since December 2015, and now we’re sharing it with the world, so you too can keep your best words in one handy personal dictionary.

You can use Oh My Word! to help build your vocabulary and collate a lovely list of the best English words you can find online. Download the Chrome extension here.

About the creators:

Latn Black is an experienced web developer and obsessive-compulsive creator of things. Latn is the technical and creative brains behind Oh My Word! and founded the project in 2015. You can follow his journey through code on Twitter @LatnBlack.

Lottie Gross is a travel writer, editor and social media pro with a background in journalism. Lottie is content and social media director for Oh My Word!, and helps drive the direction of the service and its user experience. You can follow her around the world on Twitter @lottiecgross.