Idioms about love from around the world

The English language is full of idioms, most of which don't translate well for foreigners. But what about the other way around? Here are a few idioms about love from around the world, that make almost no sense in English:

1. Wearing bean pods in your eyes

Means you've been blinded by love in South Korea.

2. To bite the metal sheet

Means you've got a crush in Greece.

3. To drag a wing

Means to woo someone in Portugal.

4.When dry firewood meets a flame

There's an instant attraction in China.

5. To have eaten a monkey

Means to be crazy about someone in Germany.

6. To fall like a pine tree

Means it's love at first sight in Sweden.

7. A flower on a high peak

Is an unobtainable person of desire in Japan.

8. To have seen the green bird

Is to smile because you're falling in love in Brazil.

9. Like hibiscus raising out of water

Is a graceful woman in China.

10. The tomatoes have faded

Means the love is gone in Russia.

11. A little mango

Is someone very attractive in Latin America.

12. A piece of the moon

Is a beautiful person in Hindi.

13. Reheated cabbage

Is a romance rekindled in Italy.

14. To be hit like a rake

Is to be rejected in France.

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