The cutest words in the English language

Some words are elegant, other words are funny. But some are cute – like kittens and small fluffy things. We're not entirely sure what makes them cute – it's certainly not length, nor is it necessarily their definition. Perhaps it's just the way they roll off the tongue. These are a few of the cutest words we've come across since we've been logging our favourite words in the English language:


to buzz or hum.


a small metal or plastic cap with a closed end, worn to protect the finger and push the needle in sewing.


a small European grassland plant which has flowers with a yellow disc and white rays.


great delight, especially from one's own good fortune or another's misfortune.


a frivolous or foolish person; a thing of no great importance.


self-confidence or assurance, especially when in a demanding situation.


fearful or timid.


to peep surreptitiously.